So that the perfume world survives, continue to anchor it in luxury.

The route of a curious man

The credo of Pierre Aulas, creator of the EgoFacto brand, is extremely explicit. He wants to offer the best to his clients and restore to consumers a taste for beauty, quality and veritable emotion. The man is a perfectionist and strives for excellence, expertise and mastery in all that he undertakes.

The perfume and the talent

It is almost by accident that Pierre discovered the world of perfume. Not from Grasse (home to the fragrance world), not the son of a perfume "nose" (one who creates the scents), nothing predisposed him to this career. At age 26, he was in charge of marketing development for beauty products at a large mass market distributor. There he discovered the ingredients companies and perfumers that worked on his line of products. His particularly acute sense of smell was noticed by the Grasse perfume house Mane, who hired and trained him. His double aptitude for marketing and olfactory quickly positioned him as the dream middleman between brands and "noses". Then, the Swiss giant Firmenich offered him a position in charge of key accounts and fine perfumes. Pierre accepted, but with one condition: to be able to work on Mugler perfumes projects, a brand that fascinated him with their creativity and olfactory creations. This new turning point in his life gave him the opportunity to meet Véra Strubi, former president of Thierry Mugler Parfums, whose audacity and intuition never ceased to amaze him. For 10 years they worked together on many successful projects. Their deep connection, based on a true respect and shared olfactory sensibility, gave birth to such successes as Mugler Cologne, Alien, Angel, les Jardins d'Etoile and la Part des Anges. Moreover, it was with Véri Strubi's encouragement that Pierre left this clearly blazed path to launch Art of Nose Consulting, his olfactory development consulting company in 2001. His first client was, of course, Véra. Then other brands quickly placed their trust in him and this was how Pierre became olfactory consultant for such brands as Azzaro, Swarovski, Fendi, Pucci, L'Occitane, Jil Sander, Chloé, Cavalli and Balenciaga.