Why the Peacock ?

The peacock is a symbol of the elegance

of the 17th and 18th century, when people adorned themselves in stunning colours or swathed themselves in exceptional materials. It is also a baroque symbol.
The emblem of Louis II of Bavaria.
A bit of extravagance. Art and imagination against standardisation. As a result of the 19th century, people today live almost always in black and white.

This uniformity is, in my view, apparent in the world of perfume today, on what I call the olfactory "boulevards". Personally I love colour, I love to be where I'm not expected, to be a little bit provocative, and to be surprising.

I believe in contrasts, in the creative richness of ambiguity. I believe that we are all black and white and grey, sandalwood and citrus at the same time, depending on the moment, on how we feel when we wake up, or who we meet.

And I also love anything that leads me somewhere else. Seduction and surprise are close, aren't they? So the peacock is the fanned range of all that I will be able to invent and create.

« The peacock is also the one that spreads its tail, shows its beauty… but with humour. »