Fool For Love

A torrid spicy floral

In this composition that is, shall we say, totally overboard, everything is overdosed to translate the feelings that we have when we fall in love, when we lose our heads and even our sense of time.
The note in this perfume is constructed around a Rum Coconut accord, a cocktail that is renowned for "being dangerous", and which will, without warning, leave you intoxicated.
To this we have added cinnamon, really an overdose of cinnamon, of heat, of fire that consumes from the inside out. And then, like a life-raft for the drowning lover, we have added frangipani blossom. It's the invitation for love's great journey, of course!


Fool For Love

Ego profile

A woman in love. So besotted is she that she has lost her bearings and almost everything else along with them.