Jamais le Dimanche

A subversive ozonic incense

It brings opposites together, ones that never should have met:
"divine" incense and "evanescent" marijuana. But are they so different after all if, when they are not imprisoned in a perfume, they both disappear in a puff of smoke?
That's another question! Demonic.
Whatever they are, they are brought together here by a very modern and very fresh ozonic accord.

It has the same function as a breath of fresh air. It unites them by entwining them, their smoke and their differences.


Jamais le Dimanche

Ego profile

An elusive man. Not because he is here one day and gone the next. But elusive because he cannot be defined by an attitude. To tell if he's an angel or a demon, the opposite or both at the same time, it depends on the hour and the day.