Prends garde à Toi

A provocative aromatic floral

It resembles Carmen, the heroine of the famous opera. An unsettling blend of a sometimes masculine attitude, translated by a rather noticeable woody accord and a distinctive femininity, asserted by intoxicating egyptian jasmine.
As free as a young gypsy, it is as airy as the wind that unveils the scent of the earth and the sea.
Another nod to Bizet's Carmen:
it is prickly trouble in the true sense of the word as it contains nettle leaves essential oil. A first in perfumery! Its almost mineral base warms the skin. It is reminiscent of the scent of the warm sand in the bullring that proved so fatal for Carmen!


Prends garde à Toi

Ego profile

A woman - but it could be a man for that matter - with an independent, free and willingly provocative character.